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The fastest business internet in town.

Fast. Compliant. Secure. Reliable. Flexible.

FirstHop was founded by a professional gamer looking for affordable speed, low latency, and an all around great experience when he surfed the web. After trying every other ISP, he discovered you had to pay too much or you got abysmal service. From this realization FirstHop was born. Today, FirstHop is the first ISP that provides elite gaming quality service for affordable prices!


Our founder believes that everyone deserves great internet speeds. Taking reliability and compliance to heart, FirstHop's goal is to provide best in class internet service to everyone - all businesses, offices, retail sites, and gamers out there are welcome.


All of FirstHop's technology is managed in house, fully supported by our own staff. By keeping our technology in our hands, we are able to provide any solution our clients regardless of the challenges they face. We can service our clients via Coax, Fiber, Microwave, or even shared Wifi. If you need internet in the state, we have options for you!

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Getting business internet service can take a considerable amount of time with most ISPs. With us, you request service,  simply get qualified for service, and we will project manage everything else for you. We reach out, coordinate installs, and assist with turn-up digitally. Phone calls, video, and email support throughout the entire process.   


We are certified to handle private, privileged, protected information to ensure proper compliance. Need guidance on your network? We even provide consulting to startups - network design, deployment, and ongoing maintenance are all part of what we do at FirstHop. Ask us for details - we would love to be of assistance!

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To get the best internet of your life, simply fill in your contact details and where you'd like service. We'll email you with options!

PO Box 910033

Lexington, KY


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