Young Drivers Insurance In Virginia

While adding insurance for a young driver to your policy can cause it to jump significantly, it is a step that cannot be ignored.  Many insurance companies require all drivers within a household to be on the insurance policy, regardless of whether or not they use the insured vehicle.  Young drivers make up a surprising percentage of the driving population, and insurance among this demographic can be quite high.

The reason that young drivers insurance is so costly in Virginia and around the nation is that these drivers are more likely to be in an accident than older, more experienced drivers.  In fact, vehicle accidents are the number one killer among young people in the United States.  This results in higher insurance rates and can inflate the total cost of a policy by a significant amount.  Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to lower these numbers.

If insuring your student driver is adding more to your policy than you can afford, it might be time to look at other companies. Both national and local companies offer coverage for younger drivers, and obtaining multiple quotes can be a great way to find a lower rate without reducing your coverage.  In fact, due to the higher rate of accidents among those just learning how to drive, it may prove wise to add additional coverage to your existing insurance.  Making sure that you are covered against accidental dings and scratches can help protect your sanity and your car while your student driver better learns how to handle the responsibilities and intricacies of driving.

In short, young drivers insurance is a mandatory thing for licensed teens in Virginia, and it is up to you to ensure that your driver is covered.  It may hurt to add to your premium, but the peace of mind that comes with proper coverage can be well worth it.  We all want what is best for our teenagers, and keeping them covered behind the wheel is a very important decision.

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