Importance of Windshield Protection in Virginia Auto Insurance Policies

By | December 29, 2013

As anyone who lives in the state of Virginia can attest, the weather here can be both rough and unpredictable.  Falling limbs and even flying debris can pose a hazard to your auto glass, and making sure that your windshield is covered can be very important.  While Virginia law does not require coverage of windshield glass, it is highly recommended that proper coverage be provided.

When considering auto glass, it is critical to realize that it is not part of a liability policy.  Liability covers only the property of others and will provide no help if your windshield is damaged or destroyed by a storm or other means.  Instead, you will have to purchase windshield replacement or a comprehensive policy.  A comprehensive policy can protect against windshield damage due to storms, vandalism, and many other causes, keeping you protected no matter what may happen.

Another important fact for people living in VA is that the deductible on your auto insurance policy does apply to windshield replacement unless strictly stated otherwise.  This means that you could end up paying for part or even all of your windshield replacement out of pocket depending on your deductible.  Some companies offer auto glass replacement as an option, and in many cases without a deductible.  It can be well worth your time to inquire with your insurance policy holder whether this feature is available and to take advantage of it.

A broken windshield can prevent you from being able to drive your vehicle, and even a small chip or crack can quickly destroy the entire piece of glass.  Taking the time to ensure that you are covered against windshield damage is certainly crucial in a state where bad weather is all too common.  If you are not sure if your windshield glass is covered by your current insurance policy, take the time to review your policy paperwork or to speak with your agent today.